Hunt Big Trophy Canadian Whitetail Bucks In The Wild
Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting
Turtle River Whitetails
Meadow Lake Saskatchewan
2008 biggest buck
Doug Moore from Michigan
Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting
2007 Biggest Buck
Chuck Norton from Georgia
2006 Biggest Buck
Ray Cornish from Michigan
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Saskatchewan Outfitters Association
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Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting
2009 Biggest Buck
Al Stefan from Texas
NEW OWNERS  John Cherkauskas & Jeff Jones
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Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting
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2010 Biggest Buck
Kenneth West from Georgia
2011 Biggest Buck
John Cherkauskas from PA
2012 Biggest Buck
Fred Soglia from PA
A 183 inch 10 pointer
100 % Success Rate in 2016
2014 Biggest Buck
Mark Infanti from NJ
2015 Biggest Buck
Mel Scott from PA
2016 Biggest Buck
Damian Hamme from PA