Turtle River Whitetails Saskatchewan

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Directions to Turtle River Whitetails from Edmonton Airport

Welcome to The Lodge

You've Arrived

Sunday is our transition day.  Please plan to arrive at the camp by 2pm.  After you unload your gear, we will go to the shooting range at the camp to ensure your rifles are still sighted in.  We will introduce you to our staff followed by a wonderful dinner at 6pm.  After dinner we will go through a brief orientation as well as the logistics of the following morning.

The Camp

Bucks like this are common here

We are FIRM believers in Quality Deer Management and have some good bucks in our area. Our goal is for you to experience a hunt of a lifetime and harvest a mature quality whitetail. You can expect to see numerous deer each time you take a stand. Antler size varies greatly with the bigger bucks in our area scoring in the 180’s and many mature bucks weighing in at over 250 lbs dressed weight. The hunter that goes home with his tag unfilled does so by choice. The biggest limiting factor for you to harvest the buck of a lifetime is you. Letting those 140’s go is hard but the guys with patience usually tag the real hawgs!

The Common Area

All the amenities you'll need

The main lodge has modern facilities including telephone, satellite TV and internet access with plenty of comfortable seating for all.  There are plenty of snacks and drinks available for you to enjoy as well. 

The Quarters

Clean, comfortable rooms

Each hunter will share a clean comfortable room either in the main lodge or in our trailer located a short walk from the lodge. Your bed will be prepared with fresh linens and your rooms will be cleaned daily. You will also be provided with clean towels and wash cloths so no need to pack these.

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