Legal Points for Hunters to Ponder

If you have had an impaired driving or other criminal charge,
your ability to cross borders can be impaired.

Customs informs us that with each plane load of American
Hunters, they process and admit a couple of hunters under the
Expedited Rehab process.

Call Saskatoon Immigration at this number for details on your
specific circumstances.

The border officials are being more stringent than ever on enforcing legislation at
the port of entry. Anyone with a past criminal record may be questioned and
denied entry. The length of time that has elapsed has no bearing on admissibility.

Offences less than 5 yrs ago will require a permit that will be valid for only one
year at that time. This can take 8 - 9 months to process.

If the sentence imposed ended more than 5 yrs ago, that person will qualify for a
lifetime permit. Sometimes this can take only 2 months to obtain. For felonies, it
may take up 16 months.

Should a person have only one minor offence over 10 yrs ago, they may be
deemed rehab and not require a permit to enter.


As you may be aware, the US is legislating passports for land travel into the US
beginning June 1, 2009. Passports are presently required for air travel. Currently,
a photo ID and birth certificate are required to enter the US by land entry.
Therefore after June 1, 2009 anyone traveling into the US will require a passport,
regardless of the originating country.

The Canadian officials require a photo ID and birth certificate to enter into
Canada. They are not currently legislating passports, however it is advisable to
obtain one.

A passport is confirmation of citizenship and does not authorize travel if you
have a criminal record. A felony or misdemeanour may prevent travel across the
border. Anyone that has been arrested, fingerprinted or convicted of a criminal
offence should contact us to determine eligibility

Please ensure that you begin the paperwork well in advance to avoid delays or
being denied entry. Anyone not holding a passport at this time will likely be able
to cross into Canada but may not be able to travel back into the US.

For assistance with obtaining permission to cross the border, please contact
Lucy Perillo at:
R3Y 1M6