Starting January 1, 2001, new gun laws require that every visitor
to Canada bringing firearms must comply with a registration
process. (Non-Resident Firearms Declaration)

Forms are available at the Canadian Firearms website

(Remember to download 3 copies of each to present at the
customs gate, NOTE do not sign them until you are present in
front of the Canadian Customs officer)

The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form CAFC 909 EF, and
it's continuation sheet Form CAFC 910 EF
(you will need ADOBE Reader to view these forms)must be
presented in
triplicate, unsigned,
to a customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada. The
Saskatchewan outfitting industry does not approve of this
legislation, however we must abide by it.

Our industry is negotiating with various levels of government to
expedite the implementation of these new laws.

The fee for this Non-Resident Firearms Declaration  process is
twenty five ($25.00) Canadian dollars.

We suggest that our clients attach a Canadian twenty & five
dollar bill, $25.00, (available at many U.S. Banks) to their form, to
simplify and shorten the process for the
Canada Customs officers. Canada Customs will also accept
major credit cards, but this will slow the entry process. Since
Canada Customs also has to look
at each firearm, provisions are being made to facilitate this at the
airport as your form is processed.

Saskatchewan Outfitter's Association (SOA) is taking a
proactive approach to dealing with this new legislation. The SOA
is therefore offering a
Hunter Safety Instructor's Course to every outfitter in the
province, so that they can further assist their repeat clients.
Qualified outfitters will instruct clients
through a simple course that will result in the issuing of a five
year license that will greatly simplify traveling to Canada with

Turtle River Whitetail Outfitters requests that our guests be
patient with this process. We anticipate some delays at the point
of entry because of the new regulations.

The SOA is actively involved with Canada Customs, the
Saskatoon Airport Authority, all associated airlines and other
agencies to ensure that your arrival is
reasonable and as smooth as possible.

By advising our clients of this situation we are also asking for
your patience and consideration. Although we do not agree with
these laws,
we must abide by them, and we sincerely appreciate your
assisting us as we all experience these changes.

Thank You

Turtle River Whitetail Outfitters